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W0ZZK-10 QRT Jan. 22 - Feb. 9

The W0ZZK-10 packet and Vara FM RMS gateway will be QRT Jan. 22 - Feb. 9 due to travels precluding monitoring and management.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


NB6S-10 will be down until 12 February

NB6S-10 will be taken off-line later during the week of 15 January (weather permitting) until 12 February. This is being done while I travel and unable to monitor the station.

Thanks for your patience during this period.

73, Ken NB6S
(916) 220-0085
[email protected]


Due to local interference 2m VaraFM is changed to 144.975MHz
(Channel changed/re-registered for proper channel-list)

Should match now better to Bandplan as well...

73, Roland OE5RBO


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