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AK4ZX HF Gateway Off-Line Due to Hardware Failure

The AK4ZX HF Gateway (Chattanooga, TN) is temporarily off-line awaiting arrival of new hardware. 'Hope to be back up by March 10, 2023.

OE5XIR in a SKKM- Container 80/40/10 meter update

Now Station with Endfeed antenna in a Container and second station also available.

Both station with 300 AH / 600 AH powerstations. Second Station with Solar Victron Generator.

We now on 80/40/10 Meter in


Main Station is SKKM-Military Station.

If Test or Black out we run 2 Stations, one for hamradio, one for military.

73+55 de OE5NIP

LA2T-11 VaraFM RX problems

We've had some problems with our VaraFM gateway on 2m lately. Some have reported they have to increase TX power to be heared.
This site is hard to get to during the winter, so if there is no situation that need us to prioritize, maitenance will probably be done on a nice day during the summer. LA2T-10 is a local packet link on 70cm that serves the local area well.

73, LA9KOA Karl


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