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WR4CV-10 operational

I'm delighted to report that the WR4CV-10 VHF gateway is reinstalled and operational.

Winlink to aprs messaging working well

For those who are interested in aprs to winlink and visa versa see the following explanation in easy to follow steps .
This example is using aprsdroid on a boxchip s700 A android device .
It takes getting used to but once the protocol is accustomed to yourself you could easily send email messages from ANY email to aprs and visa versa on the fly much faster than standard cell phone browser email communications .

APRS to email interaction

Winlink Demo day for San Diego County CA ARES

As mentioned in the ARRL ARES E-Letter:
Many portable client stations in operation, both battery and generator powered.
Parking lot of Sharps Hospital Spectrum facility, San Diego CA.

Vara HF
Vara FM


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