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WA7TPB-10 will be off the air temporarily in order to move some system components. Sorry for the inconvenience.


LZ3CB 7 mHz back online


I would like to inform all LZ3CB user that 7 mHz channel is back online after some transceiver repair.
With this LZ3CB is in normal operation on 3.5 , 7, 10 and 14 mHz on Pactor 1-4 , VARA and Ardop.


LZ1ZM (as LZ3CB sysop)

New Tri-Mode Hybrid Gateway near San Jose, CA -- KD6UCA -- please hammer on it!

Winlink folks -- Bryan Osborne (KD6UCA) and myself (Brian Whitaker, AG6WR) have recently deployed a Tri-Mode Hybrid Gateway. It sits at the K6FB ham shack up in the Santa Cruz Mountains between the Santa Clara Valley (aka Silicon Valley) and Santa Cruz. It runs packet at VHF and VaraHF on 40m & 80m. VHF antenna is an omni base antenna with decent coverage of the valley (per coverage calculations) and the HF antenna is a simple low fan dipole in the trees for NVIS. A photo of the rig as I was building it is attached here.


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