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W1GLV-10 Packet RMS off the - computer issue

The computer for my RMS station died. Started configuring another.
Will be off the air for about 10 hours.

HB9AK-14: 438.075 MHz WINLINK access at 10'000 feet asl

The WINLINK gateway at mount Titlis (3032 m / 10'000 feet asl) now offers access also in the 70cm band. VARA FM in mode '1200' or '9600' may be used, as well as Packet Radio AFSK 1200. Additional Packet Radio modulations (DW 8PSK4800 and others) will be added in the future. HB9AK-14 uses a YAESU FT-7900 with 40 W as TRX. The antenna is a vertically polarized dipole array with reflector, directed to the north.
Reports from distant locations are welcome.
Martin HB9AUR
Sysop HB9AK/-1/-14

Washington DC Metro Gateway - N2LEE BACK ONLINE

I was able to get the computer back online for the gateway but in the next couple of weeks I think I need replace the machine with something more reliable.



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