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VE7RBH now using VARA 3.0.2

Somewhat prematurely, VE7RBH is now using VARA 3.0.2 which is not compatible with earlier VARA versions.

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Hallo Kollegen und Freunde der DRK- KW!

Nachdem wir nun in WinLink eingestiegen sind und die ersten Hürden im GS gemeistert wurden, überlege ich ob man statt des Forums, welches vor sich hinplätschert, numehr diesen Weg einfach mal ausprobiert...

Dies ist ein erster Test, mal schaun was draus wird..

KD7UHR HF RMS Gateway testing new antenna and additional frequencies

The KD7UHR HF RMS Gateway continues to support the latest operational versions of WINMOR, VARA, and ARDOP but while testing a newly built and deployed broadband butterfly terminated dipole (BBTD) antenna, is now able to connect on four HF bands (80m, 40m, 30m, & 20m) to hopefully support a wider range of users over a greater area and more varied propagation conditions.

I appreciate your continued connection attempts and any feedback on this antenna's performance if you happen to be a regular patron of the KD7UHR gateway!



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