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VARA FM Now Supported By W7OWO-10 VHF RMS Gateway

The VHF W7OWO-10 RMS Gateway is now supporting 1200 baud VARA FM as well as 1200 baud Packet. The Frequency 145.080 are used for both Packet and VARA-FM. During initial setup a VARA FM station was accidentally assigned without the -10. That issue has been remedied, and the channel should soon not be listed after performing a VARA FM Channel Selector update.

W7OWO-10 is primarily for local access for those with weak signals in the Newberg/Dundee area of Yamhill County Oregon that participate in the Weekly YCARES Winlink Net, but all those can access it are welcome.

VK3MIT - off air temporarily

Gateway VK3MIT is in the process of being transferred onto a new computer.

Subsequently, while Tim does battle with ports, audio settings, etc etc, the gateway will be off air.

The process started on the 29th July, hopefully returning to operation by the weekend.



Gateway fails to connect to ec2 follow up

After changing my password from all caps to mixed bag of letters and numbers my gateway stared working.


Ray kb3fww


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