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DB1FW Antenna pole problem. Offline for two days

We had a Thunderstorm tonight and the antenna pole got damaged.
Will be fixed by sunday evening.

AL0R-10 gateway update

A reminder that the antenna for the HF side is optimized for NVIS out to ~300 miles, centered on Omaha, NE, USA. While I see connections from well beyond this range, most are very low rate. Often client stations are heard, but can't hear the RMS due to the antenna configuration.

ARDOP has been so inconsistent, I've dropped it as a mode on this RMS.

The HF transceiver has been swapped to an IC-718. I have noticed that it isn't as sensitive as the original Yaesu.

AI7HH HF Gateway Changes

Removed 80m band from scanned frequencies. Widened Vara passbands to 2750 Hz and added support for Ardop on 40m and 20m frequencies.


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