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W7OWO-10 is going through some upgrades. Outages will be expected.

Got a list of upgrades I'm doing which will produce (hopefully short) outages.

1) Adding UHF Capabilities.
With the antenna surrounded by trees, and they are starting to leaf out, I'm noticing the VHF can be attenuated at times. I will be migrating the current W7OWO-10 radio hardware to UHF at: 441.000 MHz for both VARA Wide mode and packet. Hoping to lessen the signal attenuation due to the trees. The replacement VHF frequency RMS may experience outages as I migrate the computer, radio equipment and configurations.

WR4CV-10 VHF channel inoperative

The VHF side of the gateway is unresponsive. The UHF channel is working.

N2LEE Washington DC Gateway Back ONLINE with VARA HF 4.4.3

After a few days of maintenance and upgrades the N2LEE Washington DC Gateway is back online with the previous Modes as before.
How running VARA HF 4.4.3. as well as ARDOP, PACTOR 3 and VHF Packet on 145.730

Thanks for your patience.



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