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W0LED-10 Upcoming Frequency Change

It's been busy-busy here since my last post. But the station keeps chugging along with only minimal supervision. I'm satisfied for the time being. It's not the best time of the year for outdoor ham radio projects although I'll say that the temperatures this December have been tolerable. I managed to get a 60-meter NVIS antenna put up before snow season started.

KE7XO update ...

KE7XO responds to the following ...
Pactor / Robust Packet / VARA / ARDOP / Winmor

and for the adventurous, the following UZ7HO modes...
BPSK FEC 4x100bd / BPSK 300bd

Richard ke7xo

Latest Win 10 update

Win 10 update has shut down VA7TSA PC in Abbotsford. I'm 60 miles away and have to wait for someone reboot the PC. Teamview was not loaded when it was updating




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