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J73WIN Dominica ITU Gateway back in service.

J73WIN Dominica ITU Gateway back in service.

Yes, 3 months without Internet is unacceptable, but locals were able to get it restored.
It did operate in HF auto mode, but no updates and not optimal operation.

Update your lists.

On the Air... 8P6BWS Gateway - Barbados grid GK03ED

8P6BWS Gateway - Barbados
An ITU sponsored system

Now available on Pactor 3 and 4, plus Vara HF and Ardop.
A few installation bugs to work out.

-Battery backup, solar to be added later.
-Secure facility.
-Icom 7300 and OCF antenna.
-SCS Dragon 7400 modem.
-Vara FM being added later for local use.

Want to thank XE1BRX who assisted in the technical info for the local team.
Local installation team: 8P6PE, 8P6PD, 8P6GW, 8P5RE, (great and active group)!

Next will be Antigua and Guyana, thanks to ITU funding.


Computer died. Will be shipped by ground back to Tijuana, MX for repair or replacement.

It's a small Dell modified to run on 12VDC.



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