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KC2SAH - VHF Gateway Down, Undergoing Planned Maint.

The KC2SAH VHF Winlink gateway in Fort Walton Beach, FL is currently undergoing planned maintenance including upgrades to its antenna, mounting system and associated cabling. This will expand coverage and reliability.

In addition, the gateway will now support PACKET 1200, adding to the current VARA FM 9600 capabilities. Expected return to normal usage no later than this Sunday, 12 Feb 2023.

OE5XAR: Added 2m Packetradio

Hello everybody!

OE5XAR got its standard soundcard/ptt via comport replaced over the
weekend by a DRA-30 kit.

Following NS7C good article how to setup packetradio by bypassing the KISS flaws
its running good and was easy to install!

So Packetradio and VaraFM are available on shared frequency.

TNX Scott for your help via mail!

73, Roland OE5RBO

Gateway Retiring

The AI7HH and AI7HH-10 gateways are being permanently retired as of 02/01/2023. Please choose an alternate MPS/gateway before that date.


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