International Health Services Needs Radio Volunteers

This just in from John Kirckof, Communications Director of IHS. The IHS medical project experience is the nearest thing to true no-infrastructure deployment a radio operator can get without participating during a major disaster. And, it is a lot of fun!

International Health Services (IHS) has a "small" three-team medical mission going to Eastern Honduras in October. For that mission we need 1 or 2 more radio people plus a few medical professions (nurses & dental people) for the Lisangnipura team.

Two are medical/dental clinic teams are going to small villages in La Moskitia (Eastern Honduras) and the other is an eye glasses team working in Puerto Lempira. All these villages are south of Puerto Lempira roughly between 20 & 25 miles. Some of these villages are close enough to be in contact with the IHS 2-meter repeater in Puerto Lempira.

The October mission dates (with travel time) are October 21 to November 2. For a radio person, you mostly just bring your radio gear and personal items. You will not have to bring a lot of gear as you mostly will do Winlink e-mailing and some 2 meter voice in some locations. I will go over in detail with each radio person such things plus what radio items we already have in storage in Honduras for you to use so you do not need to bring a ton of stuff.

Please contact John Kirckof KB0UUP directly if interested. He will orient you and answer all your questions, and cover plans and describe the experience in detail.

John Kirckof, KB0UUP
IHS Comm Dir.
Ph 320-219-0368
[email protected]

Information about IHS is on their web site.

A great QST article on the experience is here:


Mark Kleine, N5HZR, has created a Winlink-based game that mimics the popular five-letter word guessing game, Wordle. This game allows hams to practice their Winlink skills while having fun guessing an unknown five-letter word.

Give it a try! See this page for more information.

New Pre-Releases of Paclink-Open-Source

Paclink-Open-Source is an open project of the Winlink Development Team intended to modernize common Winlink code and prepare for future ports to non-Windows platforms. Your participation in testing and development is invited! Join the team!

These pre-releases are intended to gauge current status of the project and determine what needs to be fixed.

The latest release can be downloaded from

If you are interested in participating in development, please contact Moneer Salem, [email protected], or Lee Inman at [email protected], or use the links on the GitHub repository page at

--The Winlink Development Team


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