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WA5TED - Back On The Air

Thanks to the Lubbock 9-1-1 District, a new cabinet with A/C was procured and installed. Gateway reinstalled today.

Update: VA7TSA HF Winlink Gateway

A big thank you to our BC EDS Director for turning on the Winlink Gateway. The Dell computer is supposed to auto-start once power is applied. He hit the start button and it's running.


Don VA7TSA Sysop

VA7TSA HF Winlink Gateway

I've been having health issues and I have to rely on using Remote Access to the software. The Center of Hope (EOC) had some electrical (Hydro) issues. I'm not sure why the Dell PC did not auto-start and load the Winlink programs. I'm not sure when I can get to the facility but for now, it's down.


Remote Sysop


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