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W4UVA-10 restored to service

A reboot solved the problem.

W4UVA-10 not working

W4UVA-10 appears to have hung. I don't have remote power cycle capability on that one, and won't be able to get there until Monday, sorry to say. WR4CV-10 at Wintergreen is working great, though, and it works well from most of the same locations as W4UVA-10. Give it a try, and I'll get W4UVA-10 up as soon as possible.

KG7AV Intermittent Availability 29 Dec 2019

Construction has been completed on new office / ham shack facilities. Effective 29 December 2019, systems will be transitioned gradually into the new space. Expect intermittent availability over the next 7-10 days. Upon completion of the move, all system services listed at should be available once again. 73 de ray kg7av.


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