Compare Client Programs

Programs (Download)-> Features below Outpost AirMail Pat Paclink-Unix Paclink Winlink Express
TELNET Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AX.25 PACKET Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PACTOR 1-3 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PACTOR 4 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
WINMOR No No Yes No No Yes
ARDOP No No Yes No No Yes
VARA HF and VARA FM No No No No No Yes. VARA is speed-limited unless licensed by its author.
Password-protected Secure Login Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports B2F protocol & mail attachments No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound card Yes with AGWPE Yes with AMPE or AGWPE Yes Yes Yes Yes
Most any TNC (Packet) Yes Limited
Yes with AMPE and AGWPE
KISS (Linux only)
Most w/transparent mode
Yes Yes
Simultaneous sessions in different modes No Yes Yes w/session queue No No No
Peer-to-peer contacts Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Manual "Keyboard" connections Yes with included terminal Yes No Yes Yes with included terminal Yes with included terminal
Supported OS, CPU Any Win95 & up Linux, Mac OSX, Android (amd64, 386, arm, arm64), Win64/386, *BSD (amd64, 386, arm), Solaris (amd64) Linux, FreeBSD, x86, x86_64, MIPS, ARM Windows 8 & up Windows 8 & up
Recommended uses Single-user,
EmComm on packet networks
Limited EmComm
Casual single-user,
Limited EmComm
Tactical address support Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Message precedence support No No No No No Yes
HTML/CSS Forms creation & content-only transport Msg forms w/
variable font size
No No No No Yes
Radio-only forwarding network support No No Limited
Can't update MPS
No Yes Yes
RMS Relay support No No Yes No No Yes
Message preview/choose downloads No No No No No Yes
Built-in message editing & administration Yes Yes
Also uses any e-mail client
Yes Uses e-mail client Uses any e-mail client Yes
Attached documents No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Address book Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Packet connection scripting for node/digi navigation Yes Yes, limited No Yes Yes, unlimited Yes, unlimited
WL2K Catalog Support
(WX and Help bulletins)
No Yes No No No Yes
Multi-user Yes No No No Yes, unlimited
POP/SMTP server
LAN support
Variable font size Yes per e-mail client Yes No
KISS TNC support for low-cost TNCs and radios with built-in TNCs No Yes
Linux only
Yes Yes Yes
Automatic gateway polling No No Yes, using cron Yes, using script, cron Yes, VHF and Telnet Yes, VHF and Telnet
AGWPE Support Yes Yes with AMPE No Yes No
Multi-language No No No Yes No
Ease of setup Easy Easy, depending on use. Configuration complicated Moderate Difficult for Linux noobs Moderate Easy
Author Jim Oberhofer, KN6PE Jim Corenman, KE6RK, Martin Hebnes Pedersen, LA5NTA Basil Gunn, N7NIX Winlink Development Team Winlink Development Team
Update support 1-2x/year Infrequent As needed, email announcement As needed, small user group Automatic, frequent Automatic, frequent
Release State
Beta versions may be unstable
Mature, Stable Mature, Stable Unstable Pre-release, Stable Mature, Stable Mature, Stable
Cost Free. Free. Free Free. Free. Donation optional. Free or $24 (purchase registration key to support the Winlink system), gentle nagware.
Info/Download link Outpost AirMail Pat Paclink-Unix Paclink Winlink Express
Support Group Contact author Contact author Click here Click here Click here Click here

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Other User and Accessory Programs

(All listed programs are Windows programs.)

  • ICOM Marine Radio Control Program - Make your Icom Marine HF SSB radio as easy to use as a ham radio. Supports IC-M710, M700Pro, M710RT, M802.
  • RMS Link Test - Test your computer and local network easily for required open ports for Winlink programs. Included with all client programs produced by the Winlink team. Download (User Programs folder).
Winlink Linkomatic