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KB5LZK VARA and Pactor only starting 9-1-2023

On 9-1-2023 KB5LZK will only be accepting the modes of VARA and Pactor on HF. There are several Trimodes in our area that still offer ARDOP so those using ARDOP at KB5LZK should migrate to one of those and have similar propagation on the bands.

DW1IRF-10 & other new Gateways in the Philippines (Updated)

Here is the latest Update on our (PAREDN) Network in the Philippines. We now have 8 working Packet Winlink Gateways (DW1OTT-10), (DU1AJ-10 Packet Only), (DW1IRF-10), (DX3H-10), (DW3EBG-10), (DV1PCW-10), (DU3FS-10), (4G1CLT-10) and 7 Vara FM Winlink Gateways. In a few weeks from now, we will be adding a new gateway (4F1PUZ-10) in San Pablo City Laguna. We are still working on our HF Gateway to get emails out of the 3 regions that we now cover. The (PAREDN) network runs on BPQ32 & Linbpq. 73 de Lot DW1IRF | K6IRF. (

LA1J HF RMS back on-air

The faulty HF-rig has been temporarily replaced, and LA1J RMS on HF is back now on-air.

73s de Hans
Sysop LA1J RMS


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