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N2LEE - Washington DC Metro Gateway Temp Off Line

My Winlink gateway machine has developed some kind of problem and will not boot.
So the system will be off line until I can spend some time this weekend working on it.

Lee - N2LEE
Nov 7th, 2019

Another new HF Gateway after January for Mexico.

FMRE in concert with Syscom of Mexico is going to fully fund as a donation, a complete HF Gateway.

P3/P4 and all sound card modes. To be located at their headquarters facility in Chihuahua Mexico.
Call sign to be determined later.

Thanks to the work by XE2O and XE2SI, FMRE has secured the funds for a 5th full service HF gateway.

Equipment once purchased will be shipped to Tijuana where XE2SI and myself will put it all together.
Then sometime after Jan 2020 we will travel and install the system.
This will complete the plan for 5 reliable Gateways.

EA8URF on air

EA8URF is a new and small group of radio friends located in Fuerteventura island.
We have on air some dedicated equipmen for radio e-mail
The equipment:
1 Kenwood TS-50S scanning 14.100.9 - 7.049.9 - 21.118.0
1 Pactor modem SCS PTC-IIusb
1 Horizontal Dipole antenna in a 6m tall mast.
1 HP pavilion computer with W7
1 Kenwood TM-733E for VaraFM or Packet (now offline)
For now we are operating in PactorIII, Vara, Ardop and Winmor.
Our node was on air at 2019-10-01 14:17:13 with trimode versión:


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