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KG4DVE-10 Is Now On the Air

The new KG4DVE-10 VHF RMS Station is now on the air on the frequency of 144.940 MHz. It will serve the Ashland, KY and surrounding areas. Antenna for the time being is at 20ft above ground level on Tarpin Ridge which is the tallest hill in Boyd County Kentucky. It will be raised to about 75ft above ground level when weather permits safe climbing of the tower. I have some more settings tweaking to do but at least it is passing packets and seems to be working fine. Below is a pic of the set up.

W5KAM-10 Packet 145.030

Hello my name is Ken, and I'm the Sysop for W5KAM-10 Packet station located in Hockley, Texas. I have been running this station for about 8-9 years now and really have a great time doing this. This station runs 24/7 and can be found at 145.030.

My station is a Icom IC-V8000 that runs about 40 watts, TNC is a Kantronics 3 plus, with the antenna system up about 35 feet. I'm in the progress of moving my station to a new location that will share the same computer the runs W5KAM Trimode HF Station, and an ALE (Automatic Link Equipment) station.

KG4DVE VHF Gateway work underway

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Straiton and my call is N4TNA and I am the sysop for the soon to be installed KG4DVE VHF Winlink Gateway. I am the President of the River Cities Amateur Radio Association and Trustee of the club callsign KG4DVE. I am also the Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Greenup County ARES.


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