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AK4ZX HF Gateway Returns to Service After Hardware Failure

As of 2023-03-15, the AK4ZX HF Gateway in Chattanooga, TN, has returned to service after a hardware failure. The gateway appears to be operating normally and station logs show successful connections are now occurring. 'Sorry for the inconvenience but the recent storms here affected our station equipment. Thank you.

DA5UDK back again ....

... after a quick and dirty repair. Lost a few meters of wire, but it works. Will change antenna wire to a better one after winter and stormy season.
73 Ralf DF6RK

AL0R-8 is up

AL0R-8 (145.07) was placed online today at the Omaha American Red Cross building near 84th and Center. This gateway provides Winlink access locally.

Additionally, this site hosts the AL0R-7 VARA FM digi for those users wishing to reach AL0R-10 for Hybrid access.


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