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New gateway HB4FL for QO-100 operation

After IS0GRB, a second gateway for QO-100 operation is now active in the network: HB4FL. It listens on 10489.640 KHz, 5 kHz higher than IS0GRB.

HB9AK: Robust Packet operation stopped (30 m)

Due to minimal traffic in Robust Packet Radio and lacking support for this mode in RMS Trimode, the decision was taken to stop running it on gateway HB9AK. RPR was offered by HB9AK for the 30 m band only. Some bug in the SW could lead to a complete blocking of 30 m operation after the timeout of a marginal RPR connect. We think that eliminating RPR service improves the availability of 30 m operation for the remaining modes (PACTOR, VARA and ARDOP). Thanks for your understanding.
Martin HB9AUR / Sysop HB9AK

HB9AK: Back to normal 40 m operation: pactor modem QRV agn

Functionality of Pactor modem (DR-7400) could be reestablished. 40 m TRX now supports again modes PACTOR 1-4, VARA (500, 2300, 2750) and ARDOP 2000.
Same modes of course still available on all other bands (80, 30, 20, 17, 15 m). On 30m, also Robust Packet is available. For 10 m operation, please use HB9AK-1 or HB9AK-14.


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