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HB9AK: Emcomm tests by OH8STN

Julian/OH8STN has performed Emcomm tests with QRP equipment (5W PEP) between Finnland and HB9AK (> 2000 km). As antennas he was using either a shortened dipole or a mag loop, both on a tripod. He tested in WINMOR mode on 20m and documented it in this video: http://oh8stn.org/blog/2017/08/29/winlink-qrp-compromise-antenna/
The test shows that HB9AK can be helpful for emergency communication should no internet be available in northern Europe (or other parts of Europe).

HB9AK: new 20m QRG avoids frequent QRM

As the established 20m QRG of HB9AK seems to be in use quite often by other stations, HB9AK is now scanning a 2nd frequency in the 20m band. The new frequency (14'115.0 dial) seems to be less occupied. Response time to 20m connects will therefore be a little bit longer. If the new QRG proves to be better, the old QRG will not be serviced anymore by beginning of August.
Martin - HB9AUR

DXpedition blog via HB9AK

ON4GS and ON4CO are on a DXpedition to St. Kilda Island (EU-059). They are updating their blog automatically with e-mails sent via the WINLINK system. A nice application! They are just using a FT-817 (5W) and a PTC-II modem.
See the blog at https://stkilda.on4gs.net/blog/


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