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HB9AK-14: 438.075 MHz WINLINK access at 10'000 feet asl

The WINLINK gateway at mount Titlis (3032 m / 10'000 feet asl) now offers access also in the 70cm band. VARA FM in mode '1200' or '9600' may be used, as well as Packet Radio AFSK 1200. Additional Packet Radio modulations (DW 8PSK4800 and others) will be added in the future. HB9AK-14 uses a YAESU FT-7900 with 40 W as TRX. The antenna is a vertically polarized dipole array with reflector, directed to the north.
Reports from distant locations are welcome.
Martin HB9AUR
Sysop HB9AK/-1/-14

Support wideband digimode on 30m for IARU R1 bandplan

Today, the bandplan for IARU R1 restricts digimodes to a bandwidth < 500 Hz. This limitation is not justified, as spectrum occupancy is the same whether you transmit a certain message slowly (using small bandwidth) in - say - 10 min or pretty fast (using larger bandwidth) in just 2 min. USKA - the Swiss amateur radio union - has proposed to change the IARU R1 bandplan in order to allow wideband (<2700 Hz) digimodes for 30 m.

2m WINLINK gateway HB9AK-1 adds VARA FM

The 2m 'multispeed' gateway HB9AK-1, that is offering packet radio access to the WINLINK network with different modulations and speeds (AFSK 1200 Bd, BPSK 1200 Bd, BPSK 2400 Bd, QPSK 2400 bps, QPSK 3600 bps) has now added VARA FM (both 1200 and 9600) as additional modes of operation. The gateway listens in all modes for connect requests and answers in the respective mode. VARA FM (9600) reaches a throughput of up to 80 kBytes/min, a more than ten fold increase compared to conventional packet AFSK1200.


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