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HB9AK now supports ARDOP and VARA

HB9AK has changed its SW environment to BPQ32. This makes support of newer SW modems like ARDOP and VARA possible. VARA is running all day long on 40m and during night time also on 80m. ARDOP is offered on 80, 40, 17 and 15 m and will soon be added also on 20 and 30m bands.
The 10m Gateway HB9AK-1 also offers ARDOP, VARA and Robust Packet in addition to PACTOR1-4 and WINMOR.
Please give it a try!

HB9AK-1: 2m Packet Access with multispeed port

The 2m gateway HB9AK-1 has been upgraded for multi-speed access. In addition to traditional AFSK 1200, you can almost double or triple transmission speed by using faster modulations. This has become possible by replacing the HW TNC with the SW TNC written by Andrej/UZ7HO. This SW TNC can easily be used together with WINLINK Express.
HB9AK-1 will respond to the following modulations:
AFSK 1200 (center tone 1700 Hz) (standard)
QPSK 2400 (center tone 1700 Hz)
QPSK 3600 (center tone 1700 Hz)
BPSK 2400 (center tone 2000 Hz)

HB9AK: Emcomm tests by OH8STN

Julian/OH8STN has performed Emcomm tests with QRP equipment (5W PEP) between Finnland and HB9AK (> 2000 km). As antennas he was using either a shortened dipole or a mag loop, both on a tripod. He tested in WINMOR mode on 20m and documented it in this video: http://oh8stn.org/blog/2017/08/29/winlink-qrp-compromise-antenna/
The test shows that HB9AK can be helpful for emergency communication should no internet be available in northern Europe (or other parts of Europe).


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