How to Change Your Callsign (Account)

Best practice for when your call sign changes:

  1. Refresh yourself with the help file topics about setup and configuration of the client program you're using.
  2. Enter the setup screen/form and change your callsign from the old to the new one. Remove the old password and leave it blank. Make any other necessary changes. Click save. If you have difficulty with this in certain client programs, delete the .ini file in the program's install directory, restart the program, and start this step again.
  3. Wait a couple minutes if you're using Winlink Express (allows for CMS database synchronizaton). Compose a message. Make a connection using telnet or radio, send the message to your internet address as a test. This creates a new account with your new call. Retrieve an automatic message sent from the system containing your new password for the new call. Go back to the setup screen/form and enter it. It's needed for subsequent connections.
  4. Log into the web site (My account) WITH YOUR OLD callsign/password and set a forwarding (alternate) address to your [email protected]. Click save and exit. This insures that you will get mail sent to your old call address until the old account dies for lack of use (about one year).
  5. If you've supported the system by registering your software, your old registration key will not be recognized with your new call. Write to Lor at w3qa dot net, and ask to have your contribution for the old key transferred to a new key for the new call. We do this at no charge. Or, if you're feeling generous, register your software again using the new callsign at You'll get an immediate and automatic reply containing a new key.

August, 2016

Winlink Linkomatic