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Introducing Winlink Express, the ultimate radio email client designed for seamless communication. With its extensive features and support for the Winlink Hybrid Network, it stands out as the top choice by users. Whether you're operating with or without an internet connection, Winlink Express ensures reliable email delivery.

This user-friendly client is perfect for individuals with a single call sign or those needing to manage multiple addresses simultaneously. It offers compatibility with most transceivers, TNCs, and controllers, supporting a wide range of modes such as ARDOP, VARA HF and FM, Pactor, SCS Robust Packet, VHF/UHF AX.25 packet radio, WiFi, and any TCP/IP RF link. With Winlink Express, you can also connect directly to CMS servers or RMS Relay via internet/telnet, enabling high-speed communication across different networks.

Developed by the Winlink Development Team, Winlink Express prioritizes simplicity while leveraging advanced features. It employs the B2F extension radio transfer protocol, allowing attachments, multiple addresses, and tactical addresses. The client also features peer-to-peer connectivity, enabling direct RF connections to other Winlink Express or Airmail clients.

Winlink Express goes beyond email functionality, offering additional capabilities for emergency communications (EmComm). It supports HTML form creation, compact content transport, and a growing library of up-to-date forms. If you're considering using Winlink Express for EmComm, it's recommended to consult your local EmComm group for guidance and support.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Winlink Express is compatible with Microsoft-supported 32- or 64-bit Windows OS, including Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It can also be used on Apple Mac and Linux machines using a virtual machine engine or dual boot setup. Older operating systems like Windows XP are not supported. The program has minimal CPU demands but may require a computer with at least 700 MHz Pentium/Celeron class and 2GB of memory for modes using sound card modems. It runs smoothly on modern computers and Windows tablets, with faster processors and 4-8GB RAM recommended for concurrent use with multiple applications.

Included with Winlink Express are built-in customizable HTML forms, allowing for input and reading with browser-like form widgets. The ARDOP soft-modem is included. The software also features a message log report generator, enabling automatic reports based on your local Winlink Express message records. It can generate ICS-309 reports for compliance and comma-separated text files, giving you the flexibility to choose which logs to include. Extensive mapping capabilities are also included.

Experience seamless communication with Winlink Express – the all-in-one solution for radio email and EmComm. Upgrade your connectivity today!

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