US Amateur Radio Message Viewer

The Amateur Radio tradition of self-policing is vital to preserving our frequencies and our hobby. This web application was created to allow ARRL Volunteer Monitors, Winlink users and the amateur radio community to search messages and to identify violators of the US FCC rules and abusers of the Winlink Terms and Conditions of Use.

Winlink users automatically have access to this application if logged in. If you are not a Winlink user and are a US-licensed amateur radio operator, you may request an account for access. Please send your request for an account and provide:

  • your first and last names
  • your current callsign
  • your email address

You do not need to use Winlink radio email to have access. Access will be granted if your email address and callsign are confirmed. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing your request.

--The Winlink Team

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