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UpDATE: VA7DGP BPQ32 Winlink Gateway

I've had some issues with a script file that kept crashing the system. I found the glitch and were back up and running. I have also added script that if system receives NTS message via Packet. The message is forwarded via HF to NTS Target Station on HF. We shall see whether it gets used.


Don va7dgp
New Westminster BC Winlink Gateway

LA3F Hybrid integration of 40m and 60m (secondary status)

As of sunday nov. 2. we succeeded in moving both 40m and 60m and make a new install of 60m now all on the same planned site using a separate PC.
The other ports hit by ligtning damage in the neighbourhood still need some more unspecified controll and repair delays.

VK3MIT-5 Back online

Good People;

VK3MIT-5, located at Wangaratta, North-East Victoria, Australia, is back on-line and on-air after a couple of months downtime caused by a QTH change.

Operating currently on 40, 20, and 6 Metres, as per gateway listings.

Cheers - Tim.


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