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K6ETA Station Upgrades

New OCF antenna, LDG AT Pro II tuner added. Packet RMS now on 145.630.

W5WSR Station back up from lightning strike. 50 miles south of Houston

I have finally got my Winlink and Winmor stations back up, after my lightning strike. I am sorry it took so long, but between needing new equipment, i.e. radio, computer and configuring the mess then on top of all that, a new job and family life I finally finished. I need some of you to please check it out and let me know if you are having any connection issues.
My station info is this:
Call W5WSR in Lake Jackson, Texas about 50 miles south of Houston.
Pactor 1,2,&3 Center freqs.
14.105.600 & 7.110.800
Winmor Center freqs.

AG6QO BPQ Gateway Maintenance Complete

AG6QO Gateway is back online. at 7:47 local time.


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