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Winlink used in Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb

On 10 Aug 2019, members of Pikes Peak ARES used Winlink in the 9600 bd Packet Peer to Peer mode to support the Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb. As in years past, the challenge was to get the results from the 14,115 ft summit down to the awards/staging area at 9,400 ft. It is only a 12.5 mile drive (5.6 miles Line Of Sight), but has over 155 turns and takes about 30-40 minutes to drive the results down, plus there would be cyclists on the road.

KD0SFY back online

Temporary repairs have been made to the antenna, which will hopefully keep things in operation until more permanent repairs are made.

KD0SFY off line due to antenna damage

A snow storm that moved thru the area on 20 & 21 May took down the HF antenna. Hope to have it back up by Memorial Day.


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