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JOTA and Winlink from Mexico

Scouts were introduced to Winlink operations from FMRE, (Mexico's ARRL like organization), headquarters in Mexico City.
It was very successful according to Edgar Davila XE1YED station manager. Children like and understand computers and email, a great introduction that can lead to other aspects of amateur radio. Connections via Winmor 1600 and Pactor to gateways in Mexico on 40 meters.

Good job also to XE1BST Pedro who operated portable to provide the conversation from the field and who had many Scouts in attendance at his location.

Nice effort by California amateurs during recent fires and Winlink use.

“According to Sacramento Valley Section Emergency Coordinator Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT, Butte County Emergency Coordinator Dale Anderson, KK6EVX, reported that radio amateurs deployed on October 9 to a Red Cross shelter in Oroville, set up for VHF to monitor public service frequencies and for Winlink. Shelter status reports were being sent to the California Office of Emergency Services (CAL OES), via Winlink.

Baja Radio Club Winlink Training & new station construction

XE2BNC- CREBC the Baja California Radio club had a Winlink training day, this included Pactor and Winmor operations. In addition a third new portable station was built, solar and battery powered. Recent Mexico and other area disasters has sparked a desire to be better prepared to provide HF email.

See photos here: https://mikeburton.smugmug.com/Winlink-Training-day-construct-third-port...


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