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Another new HF Gateway after January for Mexico.

FMRE in concert with Syscom of Mexico is going to fully fund as a donation, a complete HF Gateway.

P3/P4 and all sound card modes. To be located at their headquarters facility in Chihuahua Mexico.
Call sign to be determined later.

Thanks to the work by XE2O and XE2SI, FMRE has secured the funds for a 5th full service HF gateway.

Equipment once purchased will be shipped to Tijuana where XE2SI and myself will put it all together.
Then sometime after Jan 2020 we will travel and install the system.
This will complete the plan for 5 reliable Gateways.

President of FMRE provides Winlink presentation to ITU conference in Peru

XE2O, Alfonzo Tamerez, president of Mexico's FMRE provided a well received presentation on Winlink.


Baja Radio Club XE2BNC Helps Hawaii Communications During SET

CREBC - XE2BNC provided a 20 meter long haul link on Pactor to facilitate Hawaii ARES. http://hawaiiares.info/

The island gateways all see each other well on 40 meters. One drill aspect was to test long haul HF forwarding in the event of regional internet outage.
To this end a reliable communications link needed to be provided from the Islands to the West coast of the US.
Most gateways tend to use omni directional antennas and when bands cooperate connectivity can be obtained on 20 and 17 meters.


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