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YN1SN Nicaragua HF gateway out of service.

It was removed with out authorization and no notice, for voice use locally.
XE1BRX is trying to get to the bottom of this situation.
Most likely a local event and well meaning amateurs do not understand its priority and paid for use.

Will advise upon its return.

Contact [email protected] OR jremba at gmail.com for more information.

XE2BNC HF Gateway fixed and back in service thanks to XE2GJJ

Fixed and in service. USB port issue.

Amazing what paying overtime can get done.

One of the company radio techs, Arturo XE2GJJ, was able to get to the site in the company Jeep.

TG0CND Guatemala back in service

TG0CND back in service and now with 20 meters.

Thanks to a local site technician Sigfrido and support from XE1BRX.

"Sigfrido supported us by coordinating the repair of the computer via DELL direct assurance which replaced the motherboard at no cost, and supported us locally to physically verify the equipment still being able to operate as an HF gateway."

Contact XE1BRX with any questions.


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