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Slovenian amateurs support EMCOMM - Winlink. Congratulations good job !!

Slovenian Radio Amateurs Support Dispatch Communication Following Storm Damage

Radio amateurs in central Slovenia activated on December 9 after heavy snowfall caused damage in the Zasavje region, affecting some 20,000 residents, Slovenian national EmComm Coordinator Tilen Cestnik, S56CT, reported this week. Power lines were down along with internet and telephone service. A lot of roads were also blocked due to fallen trees.

Winlink for Emcomm Presentation San Diego CA

XE2SI and myself gave a presentation and recap of Winlink use for the Puerto Rico Disaster and Mexico 71. earthquake. Given at Scrips Hospital in La Jolla CA to ARES-ACS members. Behind the scenes efforts of Winlink team on message flow and assistance overview. Examples of actual Winlink Express templates used and HF message delivery. Mexican gateways that are HF auto forward capable were explained and how Mexico's FMRE supports Winlink.

JOTA and Winlink from Mexico

Scouts were introduced to Winlink operations from FMRE, (Mexico's ARRL like organization), headquarters in Mexico City.
It was very successful according to Edgar Davila XE1YED station manager. Children like and understand computers and email, a great introduction that can lead to other aspects of amateur radio. Connections via Winmor 1600 and Pactor to gateways in Mexico on 40 meters.

Good job also to XE1BST Pedro who operated portable to provide the conversation from the field and who had many Scouts in attendance at his location.


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