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XE3N Quad mode gateway back in Service in Cancun MX

After several months of being off line, XE3N is back in operation on 30 20 and 17 meters. 40 meters to be added later.
Still need to add the solar system and new batteries, but it is functioning.

Located outside Cancun at Playa del Carmen

Thanks to FMRE http://www.fmre.org.mx/index.php and Zalo (XE3N) for the effort.


XE2GJJ gateway in Chiapas MX blowed up!

The Icom 7200 failed after many years continues service. Working on another but not sure when.

So Sad.. Too Bad

Will advise when more is known.

Vara gateway Testing XE2BNC

7077.0 Dipole at 40 foot 100 watts
14103.5 End Fed at 30 foot 100 watts
Gateways 3 blocks apart.


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