This is a BIG DEAL: VARA FM with Real Digipeating

Download a sneak preview from here... Winlink Express on the left and right, digi in the middle top.
The author, Jose Alberto Nieto Ros, has added the ability to digipeat VARA FM in an upcoming version (available soon, beta testing about to begin). Testing shows it works beautifully! And so fast!

FCC Grants 60-day Waiver Permitting Pactor 4 Use for Disaster Relief

September 17, 2020 -- The FCC has granted ARRL's request for a temporary waiver to permit amateur data transmissions at a higher symbol rate than currently permitted by section 97.307(f) of the FCC amateur service rules. The FCC acted to facilitate hurricane and wildfire relief communications within the US and its territories.

ARRL sought the waiver for amateur radio licensees directly involved with hurricane and wildfire relief via HF using PACTOR 4 modems for communication within the US and its territories, relative to several impending hurricane situations and wildfires in the western US. ARRL's petition noted that Section 97.307(f) of the amateur rules prevents the use of PACTOR 4, a data protocol that permits relatively high-speed data transmission. ARRL also noted that past FCC temporary waivers have allowed this protocol during similar events. The waiver is limited to 60 days and is for use by amateurs involved in communications in support of US western wildfire relief and hurricane recovery.

The Winlink Team asks that all amateur RMS stations capable of operating on PACTOR 4 please enable this capability immediately, and disable it in 60 days.

Winlink Online Workshop Update

30 August 2020 -- The Winlink Workshop Series being held on SEC-ARES Zoom meetings now has an updated schedule. The WK6 session was postponed due to Hurricane Laura and will be held this Thursday, September 3rd at 0100Z. The link to the Zoom meeting is:

Information on the series follows:

Winlink Workshop:
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This twelve-week series of Winlink Workshops is held each Thursday at 0100Z on Zoom.
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