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KX4Z -- better internet & purchased new PACTOR

KX4Z -- better internet & new PACTOR
Internet access had been spotty at KX4Z. On and Off at times, dropping into RADIO NETWORK. Spent an HOUR on the phone with AT&T technical specialist and now speeds are maybe five times faster, system may stay on internet more of the time.

Mexico Earthquake & Winlink

On September 19th, 2017, a 7.1 magnitude Earthquake struck again in central Mexico about 100 Km from Mexico City. The last major earthquake in that region was 32 years ago, same date. There was wide spread damage and deaths in many surrounding areas.

Message from FMRE President about Sept 19th Earthquake

FMRE coordinates communications for the earthquake of Sept. 19 - 2017
By XE2O, Alfonso Tamez, President FMRE


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