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XE1TRY does Pactor 3 QRP from village in Mexico

I was able to procure a used SCS P3 modem on Ebay for XE1TRY, Ruben Navarrete of Queretaro, Mexico. His QRZ page will show that he is an avid off roader and antenna builder. He was interested in Winlink from a presentation some time a go to do email during emergencies. His 5 watt QRP Yaesu and vertical antenna do well in Mexico to the gateways here, 40 and 30 meters using Pactor 3. While I am not a fan of this low of power for events, the Mexican gateway locations tend to provide adequate connectivity for him.

TI2DYS RMS Gateway photos

Here is my Packet station. Need to upgrade the radio for a little more power, but the 5 watts are doing really good till now.

- Raspberry Pi 3
- TNC-Pi 2
- Yaesu FT-60R
- APC Back-UPS
- Diamond X-200 @ 6 meters height

RMS PY4LF at new home!

Hi friends!

After 30 days for a relocation, I´m again on air!


Jo (PY4LF)


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