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HB9AK now with 580 Ah battery backup

HB9AK has got power backup with 4 12V lead-acid batteries of 145 Ah each. The new energy laws of Switzerland will lead to a very unreliable and intermittent electric power supply. We hope that this battery backup will help to counter power downs when sun is not shining and wind is not blowing...

K7IF K7IF-10

K7IF 10144.0 20 watts into Maldol at 30ft GPSDO FT897d Nortel-Trimble Winmor
K7IF-10 145.630 10 watts into OPEC collinear at 30ft Kenwood TM 241a Signalink soft tnc
Lacey, Wa 98503
Robert Kalkwarf K7AU Trustee Panorama Resident Radio Club

KD6OAT Temporarily off the air

My system is down for repairs until at least Sunday, June 10, 2017.


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