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Upgrading Antenna for W5WSR Gateway Station

I am thinking about swapping my antenna. I currently have a 102' W2NAN True Talk G5RV up. What I would like to know is if anyone connecting to my system has a difficult time doing so. Also if I replace it, what would the groups suggestions be?
I have used this antenna with great results prior to dedicating it to the Winlink Gateway, but I would change it if it is creating difficulties for my users connecting.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Scot W5WSR

New Trimode KB5MAC in Spring Texas

A new trimode, KB5MAC, is now operational in Spring (about 21m NNE of Houston) on 40 and 80m, using an Icom7300 and Dragon modem & NVIS antenna. It is a sister station to W0MAC, one of the original Pactor gateways. Both are to remember W0MAC, Mac Atteberry who died in July 1999 in a Hermann Hospital Life Flight helicopter crash. Thanks go to all those who have made this possible!

These two trimodes are NVIS stations and complement KB5HCD trimode which has out-of-area coverage on the 80/40/30/20/18m bands. The three are designed to assist regional events in south east Texas.

VE7RBH Off Air until Tomorrow

VE7RBH appears to have suffered a computer failure. Will hopefully have back on tomorrow (March 2) by noon (Pacific Time).


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