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Winlink Yahoo Groups closing

All the Yahoo Groups supported by the WDT are closing, and consolidating as TWO groups at Google Groups. The new groups are :
Winlink Programs Group, and

Please check-in with your Google ID and search for the groups. JOIN!


Migrate over from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups!

I see my counterpart Tom, N5TW has announced he is ready for migration to Google on the Winlink Program Group. So we will do so on wl2kemcomm.

Soon this Yahoo forum and all the sponsored Winlink Team forums will move to Google Groups.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the change is needed due to Yahoos many recent user data base breaches.

In addition:
Posts sometimes take hours to show up.
Topic searches are difficult to do.
Yahoo lacks the features of Google groups.
Logons are sometimes delayed.

Internet service provider outage.

My system is down until my internet service provider fixes some issues they are having. The expected outage is supposed to be until 14:30 hrs UTC today Dec 21st.

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Scot W5WSR


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