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LA5G Packet QRV

LA5G-10 433.725 Mhz
LA5G-11 50.700 Mhz
QRV 01.22.2017

W5RZG-10 (nee KG7SQP) back on the air.

After moving from Seattle (KG7SQP) in December, we are now back on the air in Austin, TX as W5RZG-10 at 145.900 operating Packet and Relay at 1200 Baud. Still fiddling with antenna placement for best coverage so we might be intermittent at times over the next few weeks.
As soon as I can trim a few trees and rig an NVIS wire, I'll also be operating Pactor 3.
I operate this RMS primarily for EmComm purposes but it ios open for Public use except during emergency conditions as called out by STX ARES and/or TCARES.


John Roberts

SM5RVH - The T2FD antenna: much higher than before

The T2FD I'm using for HF-Winlink/Winmor is now much higher - over the ground - than before. Now it also has the broadside East-West (before it was North-South and the height much lower). The Tower to the left on the pictore is 24 meters high!

Please give it a try to connect to my station!

73 de Rob


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