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K7IF HF 10144.00 and K7IF-10 vhf 145.630

Operation 7x24 Lacey, Wa

KX4Z - new FTDI usb converter working

KX4Z -- recent onset of problems keeping PACTOR modem connected seemed related to Prolific USB->serial converter, in service for many months. Something changed? Purchased/replaced with FTDI based converter and so far seems to be working better. Just had 45K transferred by user over PACTOR.

KX4Z Win10 PACTOR port problem

KX4Z -- last 2 weeks intermittent "port denied" on USB --> Pactor III modem.... suspect some problem with USB to serial converter, have ordered new one. Computer runs Windows 10, has generally worked flawlessly for months, now this problem. No problem at all with older VISTA computer that has USB to Pactor DRAGON modem in NCSHARES network.


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