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NCS524 New station up & running

Missouri's first SHARES RMS is up and running with a great amount of help from Dan, Dave and Steve. We have the equipment for two SHARES stations that will be for EmComm for Livingston County, Missouri. So we still have plenty to do without considering the inevitable tweaking that will be required for all these new systems.
We look forward to becoming fully functioning (without endless calls to the three above) members of the SHARES community.

Photos to follow after I get it all organized and presentable.

73, Mike Council, NCS524 Sysop

HF gateway XE1VP now active

Full service Hybrid gateway XE1VP is in service. Located in Mexico City, Mexico, the system is # 5 of the FMRE supported gateways. This one was purchased by the University of Mexico, UNAM. All Mexico's gateways run Icom 7200's and are Winmor 1600 - Pactor 3/4 capable. Providing EMCOMM and general public support. Update your channel lists and use as needed.

Local operator: Edgar Dávila, XE1YED

Adios, Mike, xe2/n6kzb Manager of FMRE Mexico's Winlink network.

FMRE Mexico Thanks Tom Whiteside N5TW

FMRE is Mexico's ARRL. This is a nice letter of thanks for the support Winlink and Tom Whiteside, N5TW, gave during recent earthquake and hurricane Katia, affecting Mexico all in one week. Tom directed his superstation's antenna arrays to Mexico's hard-hit areas.

From: Alfonso Tamez, XE2O
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 3:44 PM
To: Tom Whiteside, N5TW
Subject: Appreciation from FMRE

Dear Tom Whiteside, N5TW,

Tom, on behalf of Federacion Mexicana de Radioexperimentadores, A.C. (FMRE), thank you for your support with all the traffic of emails during the last week earthquake and hurricane that affected Mexico. Without any hesitation, Winlink proved once again, it’s the best communication service on emergency situations like the ones we have last week.

Our Winlink gateways lost internet sometimes and yours gave us the support we need to forward messages. If you need something from us, we will be glad to help.

Alfonso Tamez, XE2O
President FMRE


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