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Rough month, but KF7RSF back in service

Rough month for KF7RSF Gateway. My main shack computer gave up the ghost, and I had to scrounge a replacement. Got up and running but noticed soon afterward that the WiFi connection was dropping out frequently. That led to the discovery that my wireless system was failing. My shack is in a building too far from my house to be covered by WiFi direct, and too much concrete to run buried LAN cable, si I use an extended bridged system to get signal out to the other building. That inside router was failing and had to be replaced.

KB5HCD Houston - 17m, 20m, 30m added

The scanned frequencies have changed to include 30m, 20m & 17m bands for out of area coverage. Now 80m is no longer scanned.

As the new Trimode station KB5MAC is fully operational in Spring Tx, NVIS coverage is handled by the two local Trimodes W0MAC and KB5MAC. This has allowed KB5HCD to remove 80m and include higher frequencies.

Feedback is most welcome!
Alan KB2WF

XE2GJJ HF gateway in Chiapas MX active

Located in Tuxtla Chiapas Mexico, about 165 KM from Guatemala border.
This replaces the original XE2EOS system in that area that went down last year.

Under the auspices of the Winlink support program of Mexico's FMRE, (arrl), and maintained by local amateurs, this is No. 4 in the network of Hybrids.

Special thanks to Arturo XE2GJJ for the installation and effort today.

Icom 7200
Auto Tuner
4:1 UnUn end fed antenna
SCS Dragon modem
Winmor 1600 and Pactor 3/4


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