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W0LED-10 Hardware Changes

I mentioned earlier (I think!) that I'm using a TNC-X in my setup. I got a couple reports that my station wasn't connecting. I've used this same TNC-X for some basic keyboard-to-keyboard packet so I know it works. And it works on Winlink Express for basic email. But, as I watched it running under RMS Packet, it never appeared to transmit. After 24 hours of that nonsense I decided to try a KPC-3+ in it's place. The TNC had all necessary cables still connected from the last time I had used it so swapping the two TNCs was a no-brainer.

W6SCF-10 is operational

The fan was replaced, updates and tests run and this gateway is once again operational.

Small Progress

I got an APC UPS set up between the AC provider and the Winlink station. Still need to get the shutdown/restart software going.

I still MUST get my haywire setup straightened out: I keep tripping over wires (especially after a couple sips of Woodford Reserve!)

I have an Alpha Delta lightning arrester ready to install. I just wish it would stop raining!

I'm presently using a TNC-X but the KISS setup confounds me. I could switch to a KPC3+ but that seems like overkill.


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