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DXpedition blog via HB9AK

ON4GS and ON4CO are on a DXpedition to St. Kilda Island (EU-059). They are updating their blog automatically with e-mails sent via the WINLINK system. A nice application! They are just using a FT-817 (5W) and a PTC-II modem.
See the blog at

K9ANF-10 down for antenna work.

K9ANF-10 will be down today for antenna work. Hopefully it will be back online by the end of the day.

VE7RBH Pactor Issue Resolved (?)

I noticed that we had a higher than normal proportion of connection failures on PACTOR lately. I tested connecting with our portable station this morning, and had trouble connecting (right next door). Swapped out the DR-7800 at the RMS with a spare and voila, seems to be working much better. Not sure how long the problem was there, so apologies to any users that had issues. Would appreciate any reports by users trying VE7RBH over next while so we know all is well.

Doug (VE7EPT) sysop for VE7RBH


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