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KB5HCD Trimode Houston: HF antenna repaired -back in service

KB5HCD Trimode is fully back in service now that the antenna is repaired. The equipment is upgraded with an Icom 7300 and Dragon and should work better now after I found I had messed up with the filter bandwidths!!
The bands covered are 40-17m using a vertical at 100' AGL


Gateway is in operational testing phase and mapping of access locations via field testing is ongoing. Much thanks to N1XP as mentor to me for this project, professionalism par excellence!

W0LED-10 Hardware Changes

I mentioned earlier (I think!) that I'm using a TNC-X in my setup. I got a couple reports that my station wasn't connecting. I've used this same TNC-X for some basic keyboard-to-keyboard packet so I know it works. And it works on Winlink Express for basic email. But, as I watched it running under RMS Packet, it never appeared to transmit. After 24 hours of that nonsense I decided to try a KPC-3+ in it's place. The TNC had all necessary cables still connected from the last time I had used it so swapping the two TNCs was a no-brainer.


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