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ARRL Article about Puerto Rico

Nice ARRL article. Note Winlink use near the bottom.

I have seen many of the messages pass through gateways mostly on 40, 20, and 17 meters. The content is long lists of requests and Situation reports.
Also attached spreadsheets for data entry into the Red Cross Safe & Well Program. Sending and receiving via an email address by radio has insured accuracy and a written record.

XE2BGF temp gateway to try to support Puerto Rico

XE2BGF has been created to try to support Puerto Rico. From Tijuana, MX, beaming 90 degrees with 5 Elem log at 80 foot.
20 and 17 meters. Historically those 2 bands sometimes do well later in the day to that area from DM12mm.
Service code of Public and in the event channel lists are not updated by radio:

USB Dial 14098.2 Center 14099.7

Dial 18107.2 Center 18108.7

Pactor and Winmor.

Battery/solar at the location and set for HF auto-forwarding if local Internet fails.

Sponsored by FMRE and Radio Club of Baja CA [CREBC]

W0LED-10 Confessions of a Dick-weed Antenna Worker

Hello all!

My antenna move is complete and will remain as-is for the foreseeable future. The antenna has been raised approximately ten (eleven-and-a-half) feet by adding one ten-foot section of rigid steel mast tubing. Man, that almost makes it sound easy.

Notice to other lone-wolf antenna workers out there: GET SOME ADDITIONAL HELP!


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