We are located outside of the village of Westport, Ontario, in the Township of Rideau Lakes. The local radio amateur population is + or - 14. Of that number, four are active with WL2K, using RMSE VHF and Winmor, as well as HF SSB. .Most are also members of a larger group known as the Lanark/North Leeds ARES Group. We have established a KA-NODE, VE3REX-7, on a 600 foot hill near town which has commercial, battery and solar backup power. It connects to another Node in Kingston VE3FRG-7, some 40 miles south. In our area we have two RMS Packet stations, VE3VY-10 and VA3DOY-10. At the Kingston end there are two RMS Packet stations, VE3MNE-10, VE3DTG-10. Thus we have redundancy using either Kingston or Westport . We recently built an additional GO-KIT packet station which can be deployed anywhere in our Township/Westport area. We have excellent relations with the local Emergency Coordinators for the Township and Westport. The Township and two local service clubs provided funding to help us establish our KA-NODE. We have ongoing operating and practice sessions. I, VE3VY, Norm, have been licensed for over 65 years.

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