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XE1CRG gateway now on 40 meters

XE1CRG gateway in Guanajuato MX has added 40 meters.
The end fed was replaced with a Chameleon and tunes fine now on 40.

Update your channel lists as appropriate.

Thanks to XE1BRX, XE1CKJ, and XE1CDI from the supporting radio club :



Update: 8/21/2019 Had to chnage 40 meter freq due to interference.

Citadel Rumble Communications Drill - West Coast

Contact Rob K6RJF with any questions.

Seven San Diego Winlink operators supported a Navy West Coast medical exercise on 8/6/19. It was not an ARES exercise, but the ARES name inevitably arose in discussion and appeared in the news story. Many thanks to the volunteers!

San Diego Participants:

Bob Younger AI6KU
Patrick Gooden K6PFG
Gary Asbury N6GLS
Mike Bradbury N2DDS
Rhonda Bradbury KK6KTM
Bill Honaker N9LZ
Rob Freeburn K6RJF
Dennis Yard N1TEN

All Mexico & Central America gatways now running updated Vara

The following gateways are now on Vara HF 3.0.2


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