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Winlink and California Fires

Amateur Radio Volunteers at the Ready for California Fire Duty

[Updated 2018 November 13 @ 1024 UTC] Amateur Radio volunteers have been active or are standing by on several fronts as wildfires continue to rage in large sections of California.

Ham Nation interview with KG6SJT Sacramento SEC: https://youtu.be/qHP-crOn7Ic?t=2738

Camp Fire

20 meters off line at TG0CND gateway- Guatelmala

Since the vendor did not ship the requested "two" in-line common mode filters, RFI on 20 meters is an issue.
Until such time as the second common mode filter and jumper can be procured and a tower man scheduled, 20 meters is off.

Just FYI

40 meters off line at XE1CRG gateway

Replaced the Icom 7200 with a new Icom 7300. Part of the upgrades being done at Mexican HF Gateways.
In the process 40 meters has an issue and the antenna has to be fixed.
XE1BRX was unable to do it today due to access to that part of the site.

May take a while................


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