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YS1YS El Salvador gateway removed from Service.

The HF gateway YS1YS in El Salvador has been removed from service.

It will return when it has a new location and is reliable.

-------------------------- Update 7/5/2019------------------

Antenna damaged by tree cutters in the secure area not paying attention, was not a storm.

Will take a while to fix and repair it, have to have escort to get in, sigh...

Photos here: https://mikeburton.smugmug.com/YS1YS-El-Salvador-antenna-damged/

Mexican Amateur Radio Volunteers Provide Communication in Wildfire Response

Mexican radio amateurs provided communication support in late May from a fire scene in a remote area to civil protection authorities in Monterrey, Mexico. Two-member teams of volunteers were flown in via helicopter since May 20, the first day of radio support, when the fire had already been burning for a couple of days. The fire in Pajonal -- about 20 kilometers south of Monterrey -- covered more than 200 acres in rough terrain. Temperatures topped 100 °F.

HI8COE Republic of Dominica gateway 40 meter change

Had to change the 40 meter channel so as not to interfere with a net.
Requested by local operators.

Reason I post the info here is many at sea are using HI8COE, Republic of Dominica gateway.

So want to get the word out to the maritime community.

Center 7068.0 - All modes.


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