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HI8COE and Winlink use in Dominican Republic -ITU

Dominican Republic signs Winlink Communications Agreement for Emergencies.

On February 11, the DOMINICAN INSTITUTE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS (INDOTEL) and the EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER (COE) together in disaster prevention and mitigation signed an agreement that will formalize the use of the bands and the means used in case of a disaster

TI0BCR Costa Rica - ITU Gateway back in full service

Due to person(s) unk changing "Web Filtering" on their end, the system for past 2 weeks has been in HF Auto forwarding mode for outbound traffic.
Even though ports were open, it could not connect to the CMS URL, thus it reacted as if no internet.

Problem was HF users would have to go to another gateway to pickup inbound traffic.
The issues have been fixed and system back in normal operation.


Winlink Demo day for San Diego County CA ARES

As mentioned in the ARRL ARES E-Letter: http://www.arrl.org/ares-el?issue=2019-12-18
Many portable client stations in operation, both battery and generator powered.
Parking lot of Sharps Hospital Spectrum facility, San Diego CA.

Vara HF
Vara FM


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