In your seasonal giving, please remember ARSFI.

Once again the year is coming to a close, and it is the season of giving to charities. For United States federal taxpayers, this means a tax deduction deadline is approaching as well. After December 31, you can not deduct a donation to the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation for the 2017 tax year. And if things go as they seem in Congress, perhaps never again.

ARSFI enjoys the financial support of about one fourth-to one third of Winlink's users. Conversely, besides generous gateway sysops, three quarters of all who use the Winlink Global Radio Email service don't participate to keep it running--in any way. If you are in this category, that's okay, but it does not help to pay the bills, now or into the future. Please consider making a small donation of whatever you can afford this year (tax deductible, for sure), or purchasing a $24 Winlink Express or WINMOR registration key for your software (check with your tax advisor about deductibility). You may not get the benefit of a tax deduction again.

Please go to to make easy donations or to purchase a registration key.

If you're among those generous contributors who have helped keep us on-air and on-line this year, thank you, sincerely. Without your financial contributions and the support from our dedicated gateway sysops, Winlink would not be the reliable global alternative for email without the internet that it is today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Lor Kutchins, W3QA, NWL4KL
Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc.

For the entire Winlink Development Team

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