Eos Magazine Covers ARES/Winlink/USGS Collaboration

An interesting article by David J. Wald (USGS), Vincent Quitoriano (USGS), and Oliver Dully (K6OLI) published in Eos Magazine details the development and use of amateur radio to report earthquake data to the USGS. Check it out at this link to the online publication:

-- The Winlink Team

Winlink Basic Operation Workshop - Online!

Winlink Live Presentation Schedule

Oliver Dully, K6OLI, is presenting a Winlink Basic Operation Workshop in multiple online sessions via ZOOM. It's well underway, but the good news is that each session is recorded and available for streaming or downloading. Here are the details:

Topic: WK2 - Winlink Basic Operation Workshop
Speaker: Oliver Dully, K6OLI
View Video:
Download Video:
Link to the video collection:

Join SEC-ARES for future Zoom presentation announcements. This same group has ongoing ARES discussions that your welcome to participate in. You will need to include your name and call sign.

Feature Article: Filling the USGS 'Donut Hole'

By Adam Davidson, W9ASH

On July 2nd , shortly before midnight local time in Hawaii, a dozen Amateur radio operators did something nobody had ever done before, something that shows the best in amateur radio and could herald a transformation in the role Hams can play in emergencies. They felt an earthquake and sent detailed reports that were immediately used by the United States Geological Survey to assess the magnitude and damage done by this latest tremblor. Their reports used a special email program, Winlink Express, that operates through high frequency radio even when normal communication channels are down.


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