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XE2EOS near Guatemalan border freqs back to normal & photos xe2/n6kzb

After the last series of tropical storms and hurricanes the antenna system at XE2EOS suffered.
As a result many weeks back the freq line up was down to a couple of bands. RFI issues
with high SWR forced us to change the line up.

Due to warm weather this past week, area technicians from Chiapas were able to brave the mountain road and make it to the site.
It was discovered that the 4:1 UnUn was full of water and the 90 foot wire almost to the ground.

View of Mountain range for XE2EOS gateway xe2/n6kzb

This is the range of mountains near the south end of Mexico before you get to the Guatemalan border.
XE2EOS is located at over 7000 ft in the Chiapas mountains. (stock photo)

Due to the desired security of this government radio site, exact site photo is not available.
But according to the radio techs who maintain the site, unless you know where to look and drive, you would be lost forever.

XE2BNC Pactor modem replaced, back in service xe2/n6kzb

Had to use our spare SCS dragon.

All is back to normal



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