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XE1VP HF gateway back to normal freq line up, in service. xe2/n6kzb

The tuner failed at the site. It has been repaired and replaced. Back to normal ops, sorry for the delay.
Thanks to XE1RZ

Just FYI

XE1VP back in service, damage repaired. (xe2/n6kzb)

Thanks to the efforts of XE1RZ, Roberto, President of the Toluca, MX Amateur radio club, it is back up.
Lightning damage to power supply for radio and computer fixed.
MPS and normal gateway service available.

Roberto went out of his way to make this happen. He is a good man............

Sorry for the delay.

Battery back up and clean up work at XE2BNC gateway

Solar array added for Emcomm support. 3 panels at 150 watt each.

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