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XE2BNC Pactor modem replaced, back in service xe2/n6kzb

Had to use our spare SCS dragon.

All is back to normal


XE2BNC Pactor down, Winmor OK xe2/n6kzb

I think SCS dragon modem died for pactor. Will do my best to get to radio site Wed with back up SCS modem.


XE1CRG, Mexico's Hybrid station #4 on the air (xe2/n6kzb)

XE1CRG, located in Irapuato, Guanajuato, MX Grid DL90HQ is now available.
This completes the 3 year project to install 4 WinLink gateways in Mexico. XE2BNC XE1VP XE2EOS XE1CRG

7070.0 10142.0 14091.0 18107.0 Center Up to Pactor 4 and WinMor 1600


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