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KC9SGV-10 Packet Winlink RMS in Chicago

Hi All,
KC9SGV is running a new Packet Winlink node in the Western suburbs of Chicago.
Call: KC9SGV-10
Frequency: 145.610 MHz simplex. No Pl.
Antenna elevation is 30 ft, omni-directional.
Power is 45 Watts.
Please connect for testing.


PY4LF new Pactor and Winmor RMS in Brazil

Hi All,

Please note there is a new Pactor and WINMOR RMS in Brazil.

His CENTER frequencies are:
21.119 MHz

His callsign and these frequencies can be entered manually into Airmail or RMS Express.

You can also update your Pactor and Winmor channel lists via the Internet to have his station show up.

Please test with and support this very important new Winlink RMS for all amateur radio sailors in your area.

Best 73,

Winlink via IridiumGO satellite phone.

Hi All,

RMS Express version adds the IridiumGO connection option to Winlink.

IridiumGO rental and data plans are becoming less expensive.

An external commercial antenna for the IridiumGO is recommended, or maybe some home brew version for 1.6 GHz.

Receiving satellites is easy nowadays.
See this contact via AMSAT SO-50, using a home brew antenna.
2m and 70cm.
The satellite flies over 90 minutes apart, 3 times in the morning or evening (give or take).
Some of the 66 Iridium satellites are overhead 24/7.


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