Winlink via IridiumGO satellite phone.

Hi All,

RMS Express version adds the IridiumGO connection option to Winlink.

IridiumGO rental and data plans are becoming less expensive.

An external commercial antenna for the IridiumGO is recommended, or maybe some home brew version for 1.6 GHz.

Receiving satellites is easy nowadays.
See this contact via AMSAT SO-50, using a home brew antenna.
2m and 70cm.
The satellite flies over 90 minutes apart, 3 times in the morning or evening (give or take).
Some of the 66 Iridium satellites are overhead 24/7.

The object is to maintain a 5 bar Iridium satellite signal (on your smartphone app) to achieve a high data thruput for Winlink.
Notice how he twists the antenna to achieve better polarization.

Just another tool in your Winlink toolbox.


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