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KC9SGV VARA FM RMS in Chicago.

First Winlink VARA FM RMS in Chicago for EMMCOM and GENERAL use.
Please test with a large file and stopwatch.
Set your audio codec drive slider for fastest thruput.
REQUEST testing via the CFMC repeater, 70 mile range.
200 Watts on top of the AON building downtown Chicago.
Receive sites thruout greater Chicagoland.
Please report issues to kc9sgv At gmail dott com

Es'Hail 2 (OSCAR 100) Geo Sat available for testing via ARDOP and VARA.

Hi All,

European hams can now test the Es'Hail 2 (OSCAR 100) geostationary commercial satellite at 26 deg East with ARDOP or VARA.
Note that this satellite is below the horizon for U.S. and Canadian hams.
We need one of these geostationary ham transponder platforms for the Americas !


The KC9SGV HF RMS and others are listening for test connections via VARA on 7.101 MHz USB Dial.
VARA works with Winlink Express as the email client.
Please send large files to compare thruput speed.
Monochrome pictures make nice 20K attachments.

VARA is reported to be at least as fast as P3.

Download your free demo VARA virtual modem here:
Read the easy setup instructions.
Scroll down....


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