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Testing Winlink with drones...

Hi All,

It might be feasible to use a hobby drone as a antenna pole or digipeater support with the latest advances in the drone hobby.
Some of them are getting less expensive and more powerful.
Could also be used as aerial TV platform over a disaster area in the same time.
Something else for the go-kit ?



Interesting Winlink email from Antarctica.

Hi All,

Interesting Winlink email from Antarctica....!

Dear Bernard,

My position is ok. I'm on the German Research Icebreaker POLARSTERN. I connect via telnet and satellite to the Winlink Network. In the moment we are in the Atka-bight near the german Neumayer III polar station.

Best wishes from Antactica
Martin DD2MM/mm


New WINMOR RMS's in Mauritius and South Africa

New WINMOR RMS's in Mauritius and South Africa.


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