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Dc power and ground at Gateway XE2EOS

Here are a few photos showing the large commercial battery system and UPS for XE2EOS.
Also the ground and protection. Site is remote at 8000 foot mountain near Guatemalan border.
Thunderstorms abound in this area, site is between both coasts. Power going out is often, but returns
in a few hours. Battery system should last several days. Internet is occasionally a problem due to
the long haul Ubiquiti link to obtain it. Thanks to auto forwarding, traffic still moves to other Gateways
via their connection to a CMS.

Introduction and Profile

Manufactured in the early 50's in a slow process totally lacking in quality control. Released to the public in 1952. Dorky geekiness was recognized at an early age when it was noted that I had read all the books in the first grade library before starting school (Mom was a schoolteacher)

Built a 20KV generator with no moving parts other than dripping water in Jr High. Many burnt fingers were a foretaste of greatness to come. Owned every Science set Gilbert ever made!

WINMOR 1600 Station in Northern California


Here is my HF station:

Kenwood TS-590S, Astron RS-35A, Gateway PC, Uverse Internet, MFJ-998RT remote tuner, end loaded inverted V antenna at 30 feet, 100 feet of heliax hardline.

My station is setup for all users, but the primary focus is Region 9 MARS.


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