Winlink to aprs messaging working well

For those who are interested in aprs to winlink and visa versa see the following explanation in easy to follow steps .
This example is using aprsdroid on a boxchip s700 A android device .
It takes getting used to but once the protocol is accustomed to yourself you could easily send email messages from ANY email to aprs and visa versa on the fly much faster than standard cell phone browser email communications .

APRS to email interaction

Step-1:Using APRSdroid on android cellphone setup your userid by sending a message to "EMAIL-2"
Message should read [email protected]
The response from the EMAIL-2 server will respond as "me added"

Step-2:Remember the "me" is now your shortened alias or userid for your full email address.
Step-3:Send and email now via EMAIL-2 in the following format
meSPACEHello from APRSdroid
Step-4: Press OK
Step-5:Go to your email account and check for received message.

In reverse order ie from email to aprs it is a little more complex but easy once the system is known.

Step-5: Address-- any email to aprs using "[email protected]"
Step-6: Subject-- should be in the following syntax "Your-callsign-and-ssid":Hello -test from email to aprs via EMAIL-2(Note that the actual message of 67 characters is within the SUBJECT and NOT the BODY)
Step-7:Body -----userid:me: -----NOTE the BODY of the email is only to cross reference and not for messaging )
Step-8: Double check the semi colons in above is either side of "me"
Step-9: Send
Step-10:Check the aprsdroid and you should receive a message from your external address.

I have tried this on winlink as well as two other email addresses and it works great .

Something to note : one can add many userid's such as
[email protected]
2rSPACEmy external email address 1
btSPACE my external email address 2

and so one could make many shortcuts .

This provides a way of sending a short message via aprsdroid in seconds instead of many minutes using standard browser methods .

Any issues I can assist with let me know and I am sure we can assist where possible .

In this example I am using aprsdroid but there are many aprs platforms for android and other devices .

More referencing can be found here:

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