PiGate 2.0 for the Raspberry Pi is Released

12 December 2019 -- PiGate 2.0 software was released today by Mark Griffith, KD0QYN. Lots of new things in there. Go to the website and download the new docs, and a new image for your Pi. Also there are a number of "training" videos that describe the new interface and some details about it. Take a look!

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Updated

The ARSFI and Winlink Global Radio Email®️ Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy have been updated as of 13 December, 2019 to more clearly state our policy on prohibited content of messages sent or received over amateur radio and to allow for easier reading. See the updated Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

PMON - An Independent Pactor/Winlink Monitor For The Raspberry Pi

SCS, the company that created PACTOR has released PMON software for Linux to allow over-the-air monitoring of PACTOR 1/2/3 transmissions for meaning. Additionally, PMON automatically decompresses B2F/LZHUF compressed messages on the fly. This is very useful for monitoring Winlink email transfers. The program requires only minimal hardware: an inexpensive Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (minimum) computer and an inexpensive USB sound device. An SCS Pactor modem is not needed.

The program is a free download for radio amateurs from a Linux repository provided by SCS. Easy-to-follow instructions, program information and documentation are provided on this SCS web page.

Thank you to John Huggins and Gordon Gibby, MD for their original decoding programs, and to Hans-Peter Helfert and the SCS team for this welcome contribution to the amateur radio community!

--The Winlink Development Team


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