XE2GJJ HF gateway in Chiapas MX active

Located in Tuxtla Chiapas Mexico, about 165 KM from Guatemala border.
This replaces the original XE2EOS system in that area that went down last year.

Under the auspices of the Winlink support program of Mexico's FMRE, (arrl), and maintained by local amateurs, this is No. 4 in the network of Hybrids.

Special thanks to Arturo XE2GJJ for the installation and effort today.

Icom 7200
Auto Tuner
4:1 UnUn end fed antenna
SCS Dragon modem
Winmor 1600 and Pactor 3/4

Battery back up and solar later on to be the same as the other systems.
Antenna to be improved also later on.

For now just glad to get it going.
No 5. gateway in a few months and then that will complete the network.

Update your channel lists, adios

First Contact, thanks !!
President of FMRE using system. (Mexico's Arrl).
Winlink Linkomatic