XE2BNC & XE1CRG along with N5TW running beta Vara HF 3.0

Jose sent a note this morning telling us that he has a new version of Vara HF available for testing! He commented that Vara 2.2.1 was very fast in good conditions but not so sensitive in poor ones and this new version is to address that. One consequence of the changes he has made is that this new version is NOT COMPATIBLE with 2.2.1 so we have to be careful with deployment.

For now, we are adding a few stations to test 3.0 and we can use the Google Groups to announce additional stations.
N5TW running Vara 3.0 on 10148 KHz and 14110 KHz channels and also running these same frequencies with Vara 2.2.1 on a different setup.

After we get some testing under our belts for a few weeks and assuming it is successful, WDT will post a date for a switchover and work to get everyone cut over on that date.

Here is the link to download Vara 3.0:


Testing for connects now: XE2BNC (all bands) XE1CRG (all bands) N5TW (n5tw channels indicated above)

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