XE1VP & XE2EOS, continuation of system growth, xe2/n6kzb

XE1VP gateway is identical equipment to XE2BNC . This system is located in Toluca MX, 75 KM from its final home in Mexico City. https://picasaweb.google.com/109755550811892187077/UNAMWinlinkInstructio...

It was funded at $5000.00 by the University of Mexico City and will eventually be located on its campus. The University has an amateur radio station but the gateway will be about 1.5 KM away at another site location. A spot within the IT section area has been located for its stand alone installation. The final antenna will be the standard 4:1 UnUn feeding a 90 foot wire.

The funding of this station was the easiest of all to date since the director for the Technology Department and Education is XE1VP whose vision of an HF connected Mexico for emergencies is key to the programs success.

MPS is playing a regional role in Mexico, since all the gateways see each other almost 24/7, even with weak band conditions.
The auto forwarding availability here makes the systems very valuable in time of emergencies or special event use.

XE2EOS is station number 3 and located near the Guatemalan border at an 8000 foot government radio site. The funding, again $5000.00, came from XE2EOS who works for the State of Chiapas in communications and site support. The internet for this site is much like XE2BNC as it comes via a 5 Ghz RF link over 30 Km. The site has a large battery bank and the antenna is a 4:1 UnUN fed wire.

The site has storms and lightning issues and sometimes the Internet goes down for hours at at a time. But since it is in HF auto-forward mode it has performed well in continuation of email delivery. As all the Mexico gateways, MPS radio-only is also available from this location. The internet is provided over a 60 + KM Ubiquiti 5 Ghz from a nearby city. While its bandwidth is only around 3 MB, it does allow Team Viewer access to this remote site. Thanks to the efforts of XE2EOS and XE2G J J.

A fourth station is under construction to complete the three year project of $20,000.00, and should be operational by summers end. More on this system later. Its call sign will be XE1CRG and we thank XE1BRX for the push on this one for site location and local support. This station will use a vertical to improves its out of the region MPS capability.

The final funding for the Dragon 7400 modem occurred and the unit is on its way.
We have started the final assembly of this Gateway and then ship to its home in Guanajuato Mexico. As with the other Mexican gateways, it will consist of an Icom 7200, Dragon modem, and emergency power. An attempt to use a differing antenna system will be tried by the locals to see if a greater MPS footprint can occur outside of the region.

A special thanks to Gary Wood at Farallon Electronics for a great modem price.
This system will be under the care of XE1BRX, and the Guanajuato Radio Club, for this we are thankful.
http://craeg.remtronic.com/ (In Spanish, but easy to see this radio club takes the amateur service serious).

Anticipate system in operation within 2 weeks.

The commitment here from radio amateurs and others has been outstanding, the remote access and maintenance a choir at times, but worth the effort. I see users from all venues using the network and hope that despite the band bands of late, this will continue.

SCS 7400 modem arrived, interfaced and Gateway XE1CRG under test.
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