WB9AYD Moving to N4SER May 3rd, 2018

Effective May 2nd, 2018, WB9AYD, Sarasota, Florida, (EL87rh) will be moving its HF RMS at the Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron two miles east to the N4SER location at the American Red Cross building (EL87sh) under the management of the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club (SERC). Same equipment, better antenna system. This RMS will assume the call N4SER, same frequencies with the addition of 80 meters. We will also be adding VARA and ARDOP to the mix at that time.

WB9AYD-10 VHF packet gateway will also move and be active again as N4SER-10 on a secondary VHF frequency in support of their existing VHF gateway.

These changes further support the communication needs of southwest Florida with the upcoming hurricane season fast approaching. With the second HF RMS at this location operating as a SHARES Winlink RMS this further expands our support of the Winlink system. Stay tuned at n4ser.org for more information and timing.


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