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WB9AYD Sarasota Becomes N4SER May 3rd

Thank you to all the loyal users of my HF gateway over the past several years. The transition over to the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club, N4SER, takes place Thursday 5/3/2018. Please be sure to update your propagation software. Same frequencies will be used with the addition of an 80 meter slot, VARA and ARDOP. I will still manage the gateway under the club's call and will assist our team in the SHARES program as well as our two VHF Winlink gateways.


WB9AYD Moving to N4SER May 3rd, 2018

Effective May 2nd, 2018, WB9AYD, Sarasota, Florida, (EL87rh) will be moving its HF RMS at the Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron two miles east to the N4SER location at the American Red Cross building (EL87sh) under the management of the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club (SERC). Same equipment, better antenna system. This RMS will assume the call N4SER, same frequencies with the addition of 80 meters. We will also be adding VARA and ARDOP to the mix at that time.

WB9AYD and WB9AYD-10 Back On Line 4/26

WB9AYD Sarasota, Florida is back and running as a hybrid again. We apologize for the unexpected down time this past week.


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