W7YAM-5 will digipeat VARA FM or Packet to W7OWO-10 on 145.080

With the outages of W7YAM-10 and W7YAM-12, W7YAM-11 had been brought back on line with a temporary antenna, unfortunately is had radio issues and was shut down.

With W7YAM-10, -11, & -12 not working, the Digipeater W7YAM-5 can be used to access my personal RMS Station W7OWO-10. The digipeater W7YAM-5 has had it's frequency changed to 145.080 so it may work with W7OWO-10 using either VARA FM or PACKET. W7YAM-5's location is on a hilltop north of Lafayette that should allow access to it within most of Yamhill County.

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